How To Legally & Ethically
Rob Banks For Hundreds
Of Thousands Of Dollars


If you are a real estate agent in today’s market, then you already know that there are thousands of homeowners that owe more than their home is worth. If you understand the best ways to negotiate short sales with the mortgage holders, you can profit hundreds of thousands of dollars per year using a very detailed approach.
Never before has there been a system that breaks down step-by-step how to deal with the home owners, the loss mitigation departments and even the attorneys so that you can successfully close the properties and earn a tremendous income.

Greg Luther is generally working 30-40 short sale properties on any given month of the year and he will teach you his step by step approach on this complete webinar training.
 Revealing all of the tips (and secrets) to getting the deals through with the banks and protecting your clients' best interest, you will see how you can earn well over 7% commissions on any and every deal you close! Our complete training system was taught on a live 2 hour webinar which was recorded and added to our password protected website along with all the forms, the legal disclosures, the bonus training videos and even links to all of the resources we use. This complete training course is available to Realtors that want a smooth transaction for huge profits within their business. If you have homeowners in your area that are behind on their mortgage payments and they have no equity, this is the exact step-by-step approach that you have been looking for.

I will warn you in advance that this is a very intense and information packed class where we will cover everything step-by-step so that you have the confidence and ability to copy the same results in your marketplace.
We cover TONS of information including;
  How to attract the pre-foreclosure clients using specific ads and postcards
  How to get the sellers to list the home with you to process their closing
  Getting the BPO ordered within 14 days of listing
  Working with the BPO agent to get the value you need (the most important step in the whole process)
  Using all of the correct forms at the listing appointment so that the short sale is completed immediately
  Leveraging your client’s position towards the bank with the BIG STICK called bankruptcy
  Negotiating with second mortgages so that they will walk away with next to nothing from the sale
  Submitting your short sale package to the bank so that you will go to the TOP of the file
  How to submit a “loss mitigation matrix” to the bank showing short sale numbers vs. REO numbers
  Negotiating fees and commissions on the HUD-1 so that you get a larger income per deal
  How to get the bank to allow your client to “walk away free and clear” without signing promissory notes
  Getting a personal contact at each bank so that you aren’t passed around between mitigators
  Having investors lined up to buy these homes before you even list them for sale

This webinar training is not designed for an amateur that just wants an additional 8-10 closings this year. It is designed to show you how to create a huge real estate business with multiple closings each and every month. We will not only teach you the step-by-step approach from attracting the lead to getting paid at closing but will also give you all of the necessary forms to ensure that you have fast and smooth transactions. All of this information is continuously updated and can even be downloaded at anytime, whenever you may need it via our password protected coaching site.

Before you sign up, I want you to write down exactly how many deals you feel that you as an agent can process if you have a systemized approach. I would venture to say that if you can’t complete an extra 2 closings per month with this training you should probably check your pulse. I don’t know how much an average commission is in your area but if you have even a low 24 extra closings this year, at say $5,000 each, that is an extra $120,000 in commission every year. Your investment for this training, bonus video trainings, and all the forms is $597 $497.


Many of these short sales are negotiated for sale prices WAY BELOW the amount you could sell them for on the open market. We will discuss the best ways for you to use my hard money lender to buy the house yourself, while already having an end buyer to take it from you at a higher price! This is where the REAL money is in short sales. While it may seem confusing at this point, I will lay it out for you to show you that it is actually easy to make an extra $10,000 to $20,000 per deal by using someone else’s money to buy the house. If you have a first and last name on a driver’s license, you qualify for his hard money loan as long as you are using my system. You will get that within this training as well. That's right my hard money lender will loan you the cash with no credit or income requirements!


Many of you are aware that I am actively buying short sale properties all over the nation. I will partner with you on your short sale properties if you’ve been through my training and know how I work these deals! I will buy your best listings and give you a cut of the profits if you find and negotiate good deals. That’s right, this means that not only can you attract the pre-foreclosure sellers, but you also have an investor that will buy the homes! We will talk more about this on the webinar and throughout the training as well.

The market is very soft right now and homes are selling far below what they should. If you are not finding the best ways to capitalize on these deals, you are starving by trying to sell “conventional” real estate. Once again, it is an investment of $497 to learn how all this works as a turn-key system. You will have a backstage pass to my short sale machine and will see how easy it is to copy in your own business. Click the ADD to CART button below and I will teach you everything you need to know. After signing up, you will instantly receive an email with your login and password so that you can begin making money RIGHT NOW!


Retail Price $597  Sale only $497

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